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The time of announcement of the results of articles arbitration

The results of arbitration of each article will be announced up to 10 days after the registration on the site.

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Types of Articles Accepted by the Conference

The following articles,which are in line with the conference issues,will be accepted and will be included in the arbitration process

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Getting started with the website and the system for registering and receiving articles

The portal of The " 3rd International Conference on Humanities, Social and Lifestyle.

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    About Conference

    The " 3rd International Conference on Humanities, Social Sciences and Lifestyle ",will be held in Tbilisi,Georgia,in March of 2020 with the aim of examining domestic and international methods in the mentioned fields and defining managerial and developmental approaches. Hope by relying on knowledge,the Almighty and the efforts of the Scientific and Executive Committee,by holding this conference,we can take a small step towards the promotion of science.


    Today: Thursday 24 September 2020
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